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French 26 years old man from Champagne, France. Web developer with an emphasis on versatility, I like to work with various technologies, and in various languages.

I code mainly in PHP (Symfony framework), but I've worked in Angular, Java, and a bit of a lot of things. I speak native french, fluent english, and conversational japanese.

I'm also a self-taught musician :)

Places I worked at_

PHP / Mobile developer at Oxygem, Roubaix (France)

I started my career at Oxygem, which owns several big french websites such as CuisineAZ and I maintained their websites, and made a few mobile apps using AngularJS & Cordova.

Symfony developer at M6Web, La Madeleine (France)

Oxygem eventually got acquired by M6, a french TV company. I took a ScrumMaster / developer position for We did a full technical redesign of the site, using Symfony, a PHP framework.

Some of my works


A minimalistic website made in Vue.js to help you learn a new japanese word each day. Data is pulled from a homemade Symfony4 API, that gets info from


A few of my compositions are on my soundcloud account. I mainly play guitar, and compose with Reaper or FLStudio.


Pico-8 is a fantasy console emulating old consoles' technical limitations. Carts (programs) are made in LUA.
Here is a little game I made for it :

Contact me

You can find my credentials on Linkedin :

You can also find me on my personal github account :